Lori Hope’s Support Book: Helping People With Cancer and Other Serious Life Challenges

The newly released book from acclaimed author and cancer advocate Lori Hope, titled “Help – Seize the Hope You Need for Facing Cancer and Other Serious Life Challenges” is a must-read for anyone facing a serious life challenge. Through her compelling personal stories, candid self-reflections, and extensive research on the subject of cancer, Lori provides readers with vital insight into how to tackle life-changing diagnoses head-on.

Using her unique perspective as a two-time breast cancer survivor, Hope offers her readers a wealth of practical advice on how to come to terms with their diagnosis and live their lives to the fullest while managing their medical treatment. From her own story of dealing with cancer to stories from others she has encountered throughout her journey, including caretakers, family members, and survivors alike, Hope provides readers with creative solutions for figuring out how to cope with serious medical issues.

Lori Hope is also an experienced health educator who provides realistic advice on how to navigate the often overwhelming task of dealing with the daily tasks associated with staying healthy during a medical treatment or recovery process. In this book, she speaks candidly about such topics as facing grief after the loss of a loved one, figuring out insurance coverage or job accommodations, or negotiating necessary lifestyle changes that may come with a diagnosis. These are not only invaluable resources for those facing their own serious medical illnesses – but for their family and friends as well.

By providing readers with tangible tools needed to cope with life-altering illnesses, Hope’s book provides invaluable insight into understanding what can be done while also emphasizing the importance of finding hope in all aspects of life. Through her personal stories, she also underscores that there is help available and success can still be obtained by those facing difficult medical challenges. Without a doubt, this book serves as an essential resource for anyone confronting a difficult medical diagnosis and looking for guidance along their journey.

Cancer survivor and award-winning author Lori Hope has recently released her third book, “Lori Hope’s Support Book: Helping People With Cancer and Other Serious Life Challenges.” In this inspirational memoir, Hope demonstrates how anyone in any stage of cancer can gain encouragement and strength when facing their own life challenges.

Hope, who was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer in 2015, includes her personal story as a powerful reminder that cancer is not something to be conquered by one person but rather together with the strength of those that surround us. As the head of supported advocacy for the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), Hope knows what it takes to cope with life’s adversities and just how important emotional support is during moments of crisis.

The book offers a unique look at the emotional healing process faced by those suffering from a life threatening illness. Through stories, undeniable truths and practical tips, readers are urged to keep going despite the negative emotions they may be experiencing. Acknowledging one’s own feelings and taking the time to talk out any issues that arise is emphasized throughout the book.

Ultimately, “Lori Hope’s Support Book” provides both emotional solace and practical tools for helping families get through difficult times—no matter what kind of challenge they may face. With this book, Hope hopes to bring care, compassion and even levity to the challenge of healing during worrisome times.