The Oprah Show, Newsweek and Beyond: Hear From Cancer Survivor Lori Hope About Offering Support

For those of us who watched The Oprah Show, the words “cancer survivor” evoke an immediate sense of hope and admiration. But for one cancer survivor, Lori Hope, the experience has further inspired her to make a difference in the lives of others. As she detailed eloquently in Newsweek, Lori’s journey started when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41.

Through her struggles, Lori emerged with a strong spirit that led her to become an active member in the cancer support community. She quickly learned that living with cancer required both physical and emotional strength, and that there were not enough resources for those affected by the disease’s many manifestations. Determined to be a beacon of hope for others, Lori began studying holistic healing and dedicating much of her time to helping families affected by cancer.

It was by no surprise then when Lori decided to write a book about her experiences and that of other cancer survivors around the world. Titled “Your Cancer Survival Guide: How to Live Stronger Longer”, what began as a blog chronicling her response to her disease soon transformed into a resource fully devoted to helping others face their own medical crises.

Now happily cancer-free, Lori serves as a consultant for both community-based compassionate care organizations and medical communities alike. Her goal is to help families struggling with any kind of illness access the tools they need in order to overcome difficult situations without feeling isolated or overwhelmed. She also showcases her work and provides advice through talks, podcasts and radio shows.

By using her own lived experience with cancer in order to galvanize others into action, Lori Hope proves to be an inspiration for all those struggling for health and wellbeing. Her inexhaustible efforts remain a shining example of how powerful service can be in uplifting one another.

When it comes to survival and support, few have an inspiring story like Lori Hope. In 2007, Hope was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer, which at the time felt like a death sentence.

But after being treated aggressively and with extraordinary support from family and friends, Hope not only survived the disease but had what she calls a “transformative experience.”

Now, Hope is using her story—which has been featured on The Oprah Show and in Newsweek —to help others navigate the often rough waters of beating cancer. As a member of a distinguished panel at a recent Livestrong Foundation event in Seattle, Hope inspired others through her story.

“Too often people think of cancer as a death sentence—and that is never the case,” said Hope passionately. She says people must continue to have faith, courage and determination so they can truly live out their lives instead of existing in them. That’s been her goal since her recovery and she believes that everyone has that potential.

Hope also counsels to offer genuine support when it comes to helping those with cancer. “We all need somebody to talk to—but more than talk, we need someone to be there for us and offer practical solutions,” she said. She advocates asking open-ended questions such as “How can I help?” or “What do you need?” so friends and family can truly find out what would make a difference for loved ones dealing with the diagnosis.

Finally, Hope encourages people in recovery to take things one day at a time so they can stay positive throughout treatment until the cure is achieved. As Hope says: “Things will work out if you keep up the good fight and don’t stop believing in miracle turnarounds.”