Discover How to Show Support to Those With Cancer: Learn From Award-Winning Author and Cancer Survivor Lori Hope

No one should have to face a cancer diagnosis alone. In her new book “Hope Is Across the Street” award-winning author and cancer survivor Lori Hope demystifies the process of grieving and healing, while offering tips and empathy to those affected by cancer. Her story offers those with a cancer diagnosis to find hope and understanding in what the future holds.

Hope’s inspirational story resonates with many people struggling through their own cancer journey. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to use her personal experience to help others who were struggling as well. She believes that no matter how long someone has been dealing with a cancer diagnosis, it’s important for them to understand there is still hope for remission and recovery.

The best way to show support for someone who is living with a cancer diagnosis is to listen, empathize and provide practical help. Hope recommends offering little acts of kindness such as grocery shopping, making lunch or dinner or even just listening without judgment. Even when it feels like there’s no one else in the world who can relate, remember that someone else has gone through the same experience – it’s important to be there for that person not just physically but also emotionally.

Cancer survivors struggle to maintain a normal life amid treatment and doctor appointments. To help support them, Hope recommends staying involved in their lives even during hard times like chemotherapy or radiation treatments. From finding an online support group or planning an outing when they feel able, little actions can make a big difference in showing your loved one they are supported.

Above all else, Hope advocates that everyone view a cancer diagnosis as an opportunity for transformation rather than defeat. Whether through seeking out resources like books and articles or attending support groups, its powerful for patients to use their story to advocate for themselves and each other down this sometimes difficult road.

So take heart in Hope’s words — show your loved ones who have experienced cancer that there is still hope across every street corner, no matter how long their journey may have been.

We all know how important it is to support our loved ones when they are struggling with cancer, but it’s not always easy to find the best way to provide emotional and practical help. Award-winning author and cancer survivor Lori Hope can lead the way.

With her experience of receiving a diagnosis and enduring the inevitable emotional roller coaster, Lori offers invaluable advice and insight on what helps those living with cancer. Through her powerful books, tireless advocacy and regular appearances speaking on the topic of providing emotional support, the New York Times bestselling author has established herself as an exceptional ally for those seeking guidance in this difficult time.

In her books, Hope intertwines personal stories of her own journey along with expert advice and essential lessons on resilience and courage, empowering readers on their own path to recovery. Along with tips on how to practice self-compassion, Hope also demystifies myths about cancer patients that often create major obstacles to gaining the necessary support from others—which is critically important for recovery. Finally, Hope celebrates hope in the face of adversity, advocating for a messaging of tenacity instead of surrendering to despair.

For anyone wishing to be aware and supportive of a family member or friend affected by cancer, claiming one of Hope’s bestsellers (such as An Empowered Patient: A Guide to Taking Charge Of Your Healthcare) or tuning into one of her many lectures or conversations will provide plenty of guidance for how to reach out and offer meaningful support. Hope’s raw yet aspirational attitude towards life after cancer inspires us all to cultivate an environment that nurtures those fighting the battle.